Commit 49e82add authored by Philipp Marek's avatar Philipp Marek
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Fix undefined behavior in the copy-array.2 test.

(From Doug)
    For context, I'm trying to eradicate all such problems (using undefined
    behavior sanitizer <>) so
    that, among other things, I can figure out whether the non-zero-
    initialized DX array patch can ever be released.
parent a1660438
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
nil t)
(deftest copy-array.2
(let ((orig (make-array 1024 :fill-pointer 0)))
(let ((orig (make-array 1024 :fill-pointer 0 :initial-element nil)))
(vector-push-extend 1 orig)
(vector-push-extend 2 orig)
(vector-push-extend 3 orig)
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