Commit a4411d41 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

More error tests associated with keyword parameters

parent b1620325
......@@ -210,10 +210,21 @@
(eval `(signals-error (,sym 1 2) program-error))))
t t)
(deftest defmethod.error.14
(let ((sym (gensym)))
(eval `(locally (declare (optimize safety)) (defmethod ,sym ((x t) &key) x)))
(values (eval `(signals-error (,sym) program-error))
(eval `(signals-error (,sym 1 2) program-error))
(eval `(signals-error (,sym 1 :bogus t) program-error))
(eval `(signals-error (,sym 1 :allow-other-keys nil :allow-other-keys t :bogus t) program-error))))
t t t t)
(deftest defmethod.error.15
(let ((sym (gensym)))
(eval `(locally (declare (optimize safety)) (defmethod ,sym ((x t) &key y) x)))
(values (eval `(signals-error (,sym 1 :bogus t) program-error))
(eval `(signals-error (,sym 1 :y) program-error))
(eval `(signals-error (,sym 1 3 nil) program-error))))
t t t)
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