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This directory contains a partial Common Lisp standards compliance
test suite.

To run the tests, load doit.lsp.  This will load and
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run the tests.  To just load the tests, load gclload1.lsp
and gclload2.lsp.

Individual tests may be run by (rt:do-test '<test name>).

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Tests can be invoked from the makefile setting the enviroment variable
LISP to the lisp executable to be tested, then invoking

   make test
     Run tests with test bodies EVALed.

   make test-compiled
     Run tests with test bodies compiled before being EVALed.

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Please tell me when you find incorrect test cases.

	Paul Dietz

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(30 Jun 2003) I've decided to add metainformation to the tests,
in the form of :<attribute> <value> pairs after DEFTEST.  Also,
I've added a DEFNOTE form to define note objects whose names
can be attached to properties of tests, to enable selective
disabling of classes of tests.

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The file doit.lsp disables some contentious tests under certain
implementations using the note mechanism.  If any implementor
wishes that some of these tests be inhibited in their implementation,
please contact me and I will add code to do so.
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This test suite is not intended to rank Common Lisp implementations.
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Attila Lendvai committed
The tests have not been selected to reflect the importance or
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relative frequency of different CL features.  Implementations may
even have extended the CL standard (arguably a good thing) in
a way that causes certain tests to fail.