Commit 0775e415 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

Added a random test for TYPECASE

parent 18e4bb81
......@@ -100,6 +100,27 @@
(otherwise :bad)))
(:good :good :good :good))
;;; A randomized test
(deftest typecase.19
(let* ((u (coerce *universe* 'vector))
(len1 (length u))
(types (coerce *cl-all-type-symbols* 'vector))
(len2 (length types)))
for n = (random 10)
for my-types = (loop repeat n collect (elt types (random len2)))
for val = (elt u (random len1))
for i = (position val my-types :test #'typep)
for form = `(typecase ',val
,@(loop for i from 0 for type in my-types collect `(,type ,i))
(otherwise nil))
for j = (eval form)
repeat 1000
unless (eql i j)
collect (list n my-types val i form j)))
;;; Error cases
(deftest typecase.error.1
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