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    1.700: big rewrite of TRAVERSE. · 3a1b88bb
    Francois-Rene Rideau authored
    * split traverse into multiple functions.
    * don't append things all over traverse, use a collector function
    * don't insert and remove prune-op to indicate something needs be done
     even when the collected list is empty... use a boolean flag in all cases.
    * fix the age-old broken :force (system1 ... system2) feature... with a cerror!
    * fix the age-old broken (:feature :foo dependency) feature... with a cerror!
    * tighten :version syntax to only accept the keyword, not any same-named symbol.
    * use hash-tables for O(1) access where linear search was previously used,
     notably in visited-nodes and in components-by-name.
    * use more uniform #+ features for windows.
    * modify defclass to make POIU happier (hopefully).
    * factor probe-asd out of sysdef-source-registry-search and sysdef-central-registry-search
    * fix safe-file-write-date, which I had previously broken when accepting a null pathname.
    * have serial-depends-on only name the previous thing to depend on.
    Passes tests on sbcl, clisp, ecl, lispworks, allegro.
    Fails on gclcvs: bind stack overflow. Is that a regression?
    small website updates.