Commit 347a1733 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman

Fix for clisp wild pathnames, ticket 1592180.

parent 87c42eef
......@@ -213,9 +213,18 @@ but the behavior in presence of symlinks is not portable. Use IOlib to handle su
(unless (member (pathname-directory pattern) '(() (:relative)) :test 'equal)
(error "Invalid file pattern ~S for logical directory ~S" pattern directory))
(setf pattern (make-pathname-logical pattern (pathname-host dir))))
(let* ((pat (merge-pathnames* pattern dir))
(entries (append (ignore-errors (directory* pat))
#+(or clisp gcl)
(let* ((pat (merge-pathnames* pattern dir)) the following complex block is
;; needed because clisp handles "*" pathnames differently from
;; "*.*" -- the former is more more general than the latter.
;; GCL does something odd, too, but I don't know what this is.
;; Looks like it treats "*" and "*.*" as disjoint.
;; [2016/06/23:rpg]
(entries (append #-clisp (ignore-errors (directory* pat))
(if (equal :wild (pathname-type pattern))
(ignore-errors (directory* (make-pathname :type nil :defaults pat)))
(ignore-errors (directory* pat)))
(when (equal :wild (pathname-type pattern))
(ignore-errors (directory* (make-pathname :type nil :defaults pat)))))))
(remove-if 'directory-pathname-p
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