Commit 4c6c0e3b authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Fix error messages in DELETE-DIRECTORY-TREE.

parent 5ebe277f
......@@ -635,18 +635,18 @@ If you're suicidal or extremely confident, just use :VALIDATE T."
((not (and (pathnamep directory-pathname) (directory-pathname-p directory-pathname)
(physical-pathname-p directory-pathname) (not (wild-pathname-p directory-pathname))))
(error "~S was asked to delete ~S but it is not a physical non-wildcard directory pathname"
'delete-filesystem-tree directory-pathname))
'delete-directory-tree directory-pathname))
((not validatep)
(error "~S was asked to delete ~S but was not provided a validation predicate"
'delete-filesystem-tree directory-pathname))
'delete-directory-tree directory-pathname))
((not (call-function validate directory-pathname))
(error "~S was asked to delete ~S but it is not valid ~@[according to ~S~]"
'delete-filesystem-tree directory-pathname validate))
'delete-directory-tree directory-pathname validate))
((not (directory-exists-p directory-pathname))
(ecase if-does-not-exist
(error "~S was asked to delete ~S but the directory does not exist"
'delete-filesystem-tree directory-pathname))
'delete-directory-tree directory-pathname))
(:ignore nil)))
#-(or allegro cmu clozure genera sbcl scl)
((os-unix-p) ;; On Unix, don't recursively walk the directory and delete everything in Lisp,
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