Commit 51ad21bb authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Fix but disable %use-run-program for ECL.

There was a UIOP bug (fixed), but there is also still an ECL bug,
so don't try to use ext:run-program, and stick with ext:system.
This means that run-program was broken on ECL in ASDF 3.1.5,
but not in ASDF 3.1.4 and earlier.
parent 46c21ba7
......@@ -579,13 +579,12 @@ It returns a process-info plist with possible keys:
;; 1- wait
#+clozure (ccl::external-process-wait process)
#+(or cmu scl) (ext:process-wait process)
#+(and (or clasp ecl) os-unix) (ext:external-process-wait process)
#+sbcl (sb-ext:process-wait process)
;; 2- extract result
#+allegro (sys:reap-os-subprocess :pid process :wait t)
#+clozure (nth-value 1 (ccl:external-process-status process))
#+(or cmu scl) (ext:process-exit-code process)
#+(or clasp ecl) (nth-value 1 (ext:external-process-wait process))
#+(or clasp ecl) (nth-value 1 (ext:external-process-wait process t))
(if-let ((stream (or (getf process-info :input-stream)
(getf process-info :output-stream)
......@@ -911,9 +910,7 @@ or an indication of failure via the EXIT-CODE of the process"
(apply (if (or force-shell
#+(or clasp clisp) (or (not ignore-error-status) t)
#+clisp (member error-output '(:interactive :output))
;; old versions of ecl <= 15.3.7 don't support non-trivial :error
#+ecl (and (nth-value 1 (ignore-errors (slot-value (ext:make-external-process) 'ext::error-stream)))
(not (member error-output '(:interactive :output nil))))
#+ecl t ;; A race condition in ECL <= 16.0.0 prevents using ext:run-program
#+(and lispworks os-unix) (%interactivep input output error-output)
#+(or abcl cormanlisp gcl (and lispworks os-windows) mcl xcl) t)
'%use-system '%use-run-program)
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