Commit 582e7d29 authored by Elias Pipping's avatar Elias Pipping
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%process-status: Report stopping signal on SBCL

parent eff10f20
......@@ -298,8 +298,12 @@ argument to pass to the internal RUN-PROGRAM"
(values :signaled (%mkcl-signal-to-number code))
(values status code)))
#+sbcl (let ((status (sb-ext:process-status process)))
(values status (if (member status '(:exited :signaled))
(sb-ext:process-exit-code process)))))
(if (eq status :running)
;; sb-ext:process-exit-code can also be
;; called for stopped processes to determine
;; the signal that stopped them
(values status (sb-ext:process-exit-code process)))))
(case status
(:exited (setf (slot-value process-info 'exit-code) code))
(:signaled (let ((%code (%signal-to-exit-code code)))
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