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Test OS predicates at runtime only

Thus, you can test the *features* as locally bound from some target system.
parent 62a1800e
......@@ -33,32 +33,29 @@ keywords explicitly."
((eq :and (car x)) (every #'featurep (cdr x)))
(t (error "Malformed feature specification ~S" x))))
(defun os-unix-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system some Unix variant?"
(or #+abcl (featurep :unix)
#+(and (not abcl) (or unix cygwin darwin)) t))
;; Starting with UIOP 3.1.5, these are runtime tests.
;; You may bind *features* with a copy of what your target system offers to test its properties.
(defun os-macosx-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system MacOS X?"
;; OS-MACOSX is not mutually exclusive with OS-UNIX,
;; in fact the former implies the latter.
#+allegro (featurep :macosx)
#+clisp (featurep :macos)
(featurep :darwin)))
(featurep '(:or :darwin (:and :allegro :macosx) (:and :clisp :macos))))
(defun os-unix-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system some Unix variant?"
(or (featurep '(:or :unix :cygwin)) (os-macosx-p)))
(defun os-windows-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system Microsoft Windows?"
(or #+abcl (featurep :windows)
#+(and (not (or abcl unix cygwin darwin)) (or win32 windows mswindows mingw32 mingw64)) t))
(and (not (os-unix-p)) (featurep '(:or :win32 :windows :mswindows :mingw32 :mingw64))))
(defun os-genera-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system Genera (running on a Symbolics Lisp Machine)?"
(or #+genera t))
(featurep :genera))
(defun os-oldmac-p ()
"Is the underlying operating system an (emulated?) MacOS 9 or earlier?"
(or #+mcl t))
(featurep :mcl))
(defun detect-os ()
"Detects the current operating system. Only needs be run at compile-time,
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