Commit 8754a8f9 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Fix bogus mark-status-needed, merge-action-status

Fix mark-status-needed to be a special-purpose action-status-or,
and not use an action-status-and that merge-action-status is.
This was causing level escalation to wholly invalidate some actions
and have them rebuild all the time.

Fix merge-action-status which is a action-status-and;
also fix its documentation. That is minor, but still.
parent 4ed76c32
......@@ -135,21 +135,24 @@ or NIL if no the status is considered outside of a specific plan."))
(defun status-need-p (status)
(plusp (logand (status-bits status) #.+need-bit+)))
(defun merge-action-status (status1 status2)
"Return the latest status earlier than both status1 and status2"
(defun merge-action-status (status1 status2) ;; status-and
"Return the earliest status later than both status1 and status2"
:bits (logand (status-bits status1) (status-bits status2))
:stamp (latest-stamp (status-stamp status1) (status-stamp status2))
:level (max (status-level status1) (status-level status2))
:level (min (status-level status1) (status-level status2))
:index (or (status-index status1) (status-index status2))))
(defun mark-status-needed (status &optional (level (operate-level)))
(defun mark-status-needed (status &optional (level (operate-level))) ;; limited status-or
"Return the same status but with the need bit set, for the given level"
:bits +need-bit+
:level level)))
(if (and (status-need-p status)
(>= (status-level status) level))
:bits (logior (status-bits status) +need-bit+)
:level (max level (status-level status))
:stamp (status-stamp status)
:index (status-index status))))
(defmethod print-object ((status action-status) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (status stream :type t)
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