Commit 8a565d65 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Merge branch 'ecl-build'

parents 0468dba6 1d0adefe
......@@ -185,25 +185,25 @@ clean:
git clean -xfd
test-upgrade: build/asdf.lisp
test-upgrade: build/asdf.lisp show-version
./test/ -u ${l}
u: test-upgrade
test-clean-load: build/asdf.lisp
test-clean-load: build/asdf.lisp show-version
./test/ -c ${l}
@echo "Building and testing asdf $(fullversion)"
# test-glob has been replaced by t, and lisp by l, easier to type
test-lisp: build/asdf.lisp
test-lisp: build/asdf.lisp show-version
@cd test; ./ ${l} ${t}
t: test-lisp
test: doc test-lisp test-clean-load test-load-systems
test-load-systems: build/asdf.lisp
test-load-systems: build/asdf.lisp show-version
./test/ -l ${l} ${s}
test-all-lisps: test-load-systems test-all-clean-load test-all-lisp test-all-upgrade
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