Commit c2fb9bbb authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Merge back tarball release tweaks from minimakefile branch

parent 70672f22
......@@ -131,43 +131,45 @@
(delete-directory-tree destination :validate #'(lambda (x) (equal x destination)))
(defun driver-files ()
(list* "" "uiop.asd" "asdf-driver.asd" (system-source-files :uiop)))
(defun driver-name ()
(defun uiop-files ()
"list files in uiop"
(list* "" "uiop.asd" "asdf-driver.asd" (system-source-files "uiop")))
(defun uiop-name ()
(format nil "uiop-~A" *version*))
(defun make-driver-tarball ()
(make-tarball-under-build (driver-name) *uiop-dir* (driver-files)))
(defun make-uiop-tarball ()
(make-tarball-under-build (uiop-name) *uiop-dir* (uiop-files)))
(defun asdf-defsystem-files ()
(list* "asdf.asd" "build/asdf.lisp" "version.lisp-expr" "header.lisp"
(system-source-files :asdf/defsystem)))
"list files in asdf/defsystem"
(list* "build/asdf.lisp" ;; for bootstrap purposes
"asdf.asd" "version.lisp-expr" "header.lisp"
(system-source-files "asdf/defsystem")))
(defun asdf-defsystem-name ()
(format nil "asdf-defsystem-~A" *version*))
(defun make-asdf-defsystem-tarball ()
(make-tarball-under-build (asdf-defsystem-name) *asdf-dir* (asdf-defsystem-files)))
(defun asdf-git-name ()
(defun asdf-all-name ()
(strcat "asdf-" *version*))
(defun all-asdf-files ()
(defun asdf-all-files ()
(remove-if #'(lambda (x) (string-prefix-p "ext/" x))
(run/lines '(git ls-files))))
(defun make-git-tarball ()
(defun make-asdf-all-tarball ()
(make-tarball-under-build (asdf-git-name) *asdf-dir* (all-asdf-files)))
(make-tarball-under-build (asdf-all-name) *asdf-dir* (asdf-all-files)))
(defun asdf-lisp-name ()
(format nil "asdf-~A.lisp" *version*))
(defun make-asdf-lisp ()
(concatenate-files (list (pn "build/asdf.lisp"))
(pn "build/" (asdf-lisp-name))))
(defun make-archive ()
......@@ -300,7 +302,7 @@
(defparameter *version-tag-glob* "[0-9][.][0-9]*")
(defun version-from-tag (&optional commit)
(first (run/lines `("git" "describe" "--tags" "--match" ,*version-tag-glob*) :show t)))
(first (run/lines `("git" "describe" "--tags" "--match" ,*version-tag-glob* ,commit) :show t)))
(defun version-from-file (&optional commit)
(if commit
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