Commit fb7a8da7 authored by Hugo Ishimaru's avatar Hugo Ishimaru

Doc: load-asd should be used for .asd files; Tweak

parent fe9ad943
......@@ -2722,8 +2722,9 @@ should include @code{defpackage} and @code{in-package} forms in this file,
so they will not overwrite each others' extensions.
Such forms might also help the files behave identically
if loaded manually with @code{cl:load} for development or debugging,
though we recommend you use the function @code{asdf:load-asd} instead,
which the @code{slime-asdf} contrib knows about.
though we do not guarantee correct results this way; you should always
use @code{asdf:load-asd} to load @code{.asd} files, which the
@code{slime-contrib} also knows about.
The default value of @code{*system-definition-search-functions*}
is a list of three functions.
......@@ -3563,7 +3564,7 @@ EXCLUSION-PATTERN := a string without wildcards, that will be matched
Pathnames are designated using another DSL,
shared with the output-translations configuration DSL below.
The DSL is resolved by the function @code{asdf:resolve-location},
to be documented and exported at some point in the future.
to be documented in the future.
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