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......@@ -9,10 +9,21 @@ This package is specifically targeted for the strings in the
full-name an references of the subforms (main-form or its
It should only be references from read.lisp.
It should only be used from read.lisp.
(defun search-replace (this with in-string)
"*Arguments and values:*
_this_-a string
_with_-a string
_in-string_-a string
Replaces _this_ with _with_ in string _in-string_."
(let ((start-pos (search this in-string)))
(if start-pos
(let* ((end-pos (+ start-pos (length this)))
......@@ -32,7 +43,9 @@ It should only be references from read.lisp.
(defvar *comments* ""
"To collect any comments in {FORMSNUM.TEX}, as this may involve
information about forms being equivalent.")
information about forms being equivalent. Used only for testing
and checking if any extra information was lost in the parsing
(defun extract-comments (string)
"Removes a comment from `string` and concatenates it to
......@@ -67,6 +80,17 @@ process-string."
("\\tag" " "))))
(defun process-string (string this-with-pairs%)
"*Arguments and values:*
_string_-a string
_this-with-pairs_-a list of two element lists containing
For each two-element list in _this-with-pairs_, {process-string}
replaces the first string with the second string in _string_."
(if (null string)
(if this-with-pairs%
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