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Active to-dos are on top.
### Create proper website and set up Choiceless Grapher to be used via a web form.
## Currently in my scope is up and running!
Still to do:
* Create build process - perhaps even resulting in an executable? (Though I personally prefer to use this in a REPL).
* Add intervals feature
* Remove features that produce huge graphs: descendants/ancestors, and "Show negative implications" only for graphs with under 10 nodes.
* Shorthand names (longer term), which can be used in a possible:
* "Show negative implications" (only for graphs with under 10 nodes.)
* Generalise jeffrey to any database (with area for own databases on the web interface)
* matrix or list of forms (click-and-add-to-graph sort of feature).
## More to-do ideas with comments
### Add short names?
This seems very complicated (manual work). See above.
This seems very complicated (i.e., manual work).
### Create fancy labels on the fly
Instead of using the labelmaker in bulk.
Instead of using the labelmaker in bulk. *Not sure if this is a good idea.*
### Improve predicate algorithms
### Further improve predicate algorithms
Reduced complexity of `graph-implies-not-p` by switching from a nested `(some ... (some ...))` to two separate loops. Measured improvement of about 7% on SBCL and 25% on CCL (notes available).
......@@ -32,8 +31,8 @@ Reduced complexity of `graph-implies-not-p` by switching from a nested `(some ..
PDF output does not render fancy labels properly. Why?
For the moment I use png, which is the current default.
### Add Windows and Macintosh support.
### ~~Add Windows and Macintosh support.~~
The external-programs only work for Linux for the moment. I consider the website as a "fix enough for now" for this issue, but a desktop version should appear in the future.
The external-programs (bash scripts, calls to the CL-library `external-program`) only work with Linux. I am withdrawing claims to future MS/iOS support, as there are no interested users, as far as I know. The occassional MS/iOS users seem happy with the web interface. If you are an MS/iOS user and want to use this program in a CL REPL please let me know.
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