Commit c67f1b44 authored by ioa's avatar ioa

new module dedicated to parsing UI

parent 2b293856
(in-package :jeffrey.parse-web-input)
(defun input-parse (input-string) ;=> input-names
(mapcar #'parse-integer
(split-sequence #\Space input-string
:remove-empty-subseqs T)))
(defun get-bad-names (input-names)
(loop for name in input-names
if (or (member name *bad-forms*)
(> name 430)
(< name 0))
collect name))
(defun get-good-names (input-names)
(let ((bad-names (get-bad-names input-names)))
(set-difference input-names bad-names)))
(defun pass-options-to-names (good-names key add-top-bottom)
(if (and add-top-bottom (equal key :these))
(append '(0 1) good-names)
(name-transformer key good-names))))
(defun input->names (input-string key add-top-bottom)
(if #1=(get-good-names (input-parse input-string))
(sort (pass-options-to-names #1# key add-top-bottom)
'(1))) ; If all input forms are bad, fine, just show AC.
(defmacro process-input ()
`(let ((input-string (parameter "names"))
(label-style (parameter "label-style"))
(add-top-bot (parameter "add-top-bottom"))
(key (cond ((parameter "these")
((parameter "descendants")
((parameter "ancestors")
(list (input->names input-string key add-top-bot)
(get-bad-names (input-parse input-string))
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