Commit c6c92a9b authored by Ioanna M. Dimitriou H.'s avatar Ioanna M. Dimitriou H. 💬
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cleaned up number labels

parent aa0e5857
......@@ -30,43 +30,8 @@ that makes Graphviz-dot use the pdf file in the folder
(format *standard-output*
"~a [image=\"~afancy-labels/~a.png\", label=\" \"];~%"
name *local-directory* name))
(defun special-join-string-list (string-list)
"Formats the parameters, which may appear in the number labels,
in unicode instead of LaTeX."
(let ((left (first string-list))
(parameter (second string-list))
(right (third string-list)))
(if parameter
(format nil "~a~a~a"
(cond ((equal parameter "\\alpha")
((equal parameter "\\epsilon")
(T parameter))
name *local-directory* name))
(defun number-label (node)
"Takes the node `name` and returns a string with a simple `HR name`
of the node with this `name`. Name parameters are shown."
(let* ((latex (node-LaTeX node))
(n (search ".}" latex))
(label% (subseq latex 1 n)))
(special-join-string-list (split-sequence #\$ label%))))
(defun print-number-label (name node)
"Takes the node `name` and returns a string in dot-syntax, with
the `(number-label name)`."
(format *standard-output*
"~a [label=\"~a.\"];~%"
name (number-label node)))
(defun print-node-label (name node style)
"Writes the labels for the nodes in the style `style`, depending on
the user input. The user as two choices for a style:
......@@ -78,10 +43,9 @@ forms, which are stored as pictures in png format, in the folder
(if(equal style "fancy")
(print-fancy-label name)
(if (equal style "numbers")
(print-number-label name node)
(error "Wrong style given in print-dot-file: ~a .~%"
(unless (equal style "numbers")
(error "Wrong style given in print-dot-file: ~a .~%"
(defun print-bold-arrow (name-i name-j)
"Prints a boldfaced arrow in dot-syntax from `name-i` to `name-j`
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