Commit fdaf7fbe authored by ioa's avatar ioa
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adding graph-ancestors, graph-descendants,

temporary hack to take care of large diagrams
parent f657ecc3
......@@ -67,48 +67,67 @@
:remove-empty-subseqs T))
(defvar *temp-hack* 0
"Until I take care of concurrency, this ugly variable
will allow up to 100 large diagrams to be created in 'parallel'.")
(defun encode-names (input-names)
"This code is not a code, it's literal and too long."
(format nil "~{~a~^-~}" input-names))
(defun encoded-string (input-string label-style add-top-bottom)
(let ((input-names (remove-duplicates
(if add-top-bottom
(append '(0 1)
#1=(parse-input input-string))
(if (< (length input-names) 50)
(format nil "~{~a~^-~}" input-names)
(progn (if (>= *temp-hack* 100)
(setq *temp-hack* 0)
(setq *temp-hack* (+ 1 *temp-hack*)))
(eval (format nil "large-diagram-~a" *temp-hack*)))))
(defun encoded-string (key input-string label-style add-top-bottom)
;=> '(names-list filename uri rel-path)
(let* ((input-names% (remove-duplicates
(if (and add-top-bottom
(equal key :these))
(append '(0 1)
#1=(parse-input input-string))
(input-names (name-transformer key input-names%)))
(list input-names
#2=(concatenate 'string
label-style "-"
(encode-names input-names))
#3=(concatenate 'string "/" #2# ".png")
(concatenate 'string "diagrams" #3#))))
(defmacro make-diagram-page (input-names uri)
`(with-output-to-string (stream)
(list :title "Implication diagram"
:index? NIL
:print-names (format nil "~{~a~^, ~}"
:path-to-image ,uri)
:stream stream)))
(defun diagram ()
(let ((input-string (parameter "names"))
(label-style (parameter "label-style"))
(add-top-bottom (parameter "add-top-bottom")))
(add-top-bottom (parameter "add-top-bottom"))
(key (cond ((parameter "these") :these)
((parameter "descendants") :descendants)
((parameter "ancestors") :ancestors)
(T (error "Unknown key used in `diagram`")))))
(destructuring-bind (input-names filename uri rel-path)
(encoded-string input-string label-style add-top-bottom)
(encoded-string key input-string label-style add-top-bottom)
(unless (probe-file
(concatenate 'string
(graph input-names filename label-style "png"))
(graph input-names filename label-style))
uri (local rel-path))
(with-output-to-string (stream)
(list :title "Implication diagram"
:index? NIL
:print-names (format nil "~{~a~^, ~}"
:path-to-image uri)
:stream stream))))))
(make-diagram-page input-names uri)))))
(defun examples ()
(with-output-to-string (stream)
......@@ -116,3 +135,14 @@
#P"examples.tmpl" '()
:stream stream)))
;;; debugging
(defun debug-mode-on ()
(setq *catch-errors-p* NIL)
(setq *show-lisp-errors-p* T))
(defun debug-mode-off ()
(setq *catch-errors-p* T)
(setq *show-lisp-errors-p* NIL))
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