Commit 18a3be34 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Merge branch 'issue-90-remove-unused-static-float-syms' into 'master'

Fix #90:  Remove unused FP static symbols on x86

Closes #90

See merge request !60
parents e7916afe 852e455b
......@@ -430,18 +430,8 @@
;;; cases. Note these are initialise by genesis as they are needed
;;; early.
(defvar *fp-constant-0s0*)
(defvar *fp-constant-1s0*)
(defvar *fp-constant-0f0*)
(defvar *fp-constant-0d0*)
(defvar *fp-constant-1d0*)
;;; The long-float constants.
(defvar *fp-constant-0l0*)
(defvar *fp-constant-1l0*)
(defvar *fp-constant-pi*)
(defvar *fp-constant-l2t*)
(defvar *fp-constant-l2e*)
(defvar *fp-constant-lg2*)
(defvar *fp-constant-ln2*)
;;; The current alien stack pointer; saved/restored for non-local
;;; exits.
......@@ -914,22 +914,8 @@
(macrolet ((frob (name pkg value)
`(cold-setq (cold-intern (intern ,name ,pkg)) ,value)))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-0D0*" "X86" (number-to-core 0d0))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-1D0*" "X86" (number-to-core 1d0))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-0S0*" "X86" (number-to-core 0s0))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-1S0*" "X86" (number-to-core 1s0))
(when (c:backend-featurep :long-float)
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-0L0*" "X86" (number-to-core 0l0))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-1L0*" "X86" (number-to-core 1l0))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-PI*" "X86" (number-to-core pi))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-L2T*" "X86" (number-to-core (log 10l0 2l0)))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-L2E*" "X86"
(log 2.718281828459045235360287471352662L0 2l0)))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-LG2*" "X86" (number-to-core (log 2l0 10l0)))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-LN2*" "X86"
(log 2l0 2.718281828459045235360287471352662L0))))
(frob "*FP-CONSTANT-0F0*" "X86" (number-to-core 0f0))
(when (c:backend-featurep :gencgc)
(frob "*SCAVENGE-READ-ONLY-SPACE*" "X86" (cold-intern nil)))))
......@@ -449,7 +449,7 @@
(:results (y :scs (descriptor-reg)))
(:generator 2
(ecase (c::constant-value (c::tn-leaf x))
(0f0 (load-symbol-value y *fp-constant-0s0*))
(0f0 (load-symbol-value y *fp-constant-0f0*))
(1f0 (load-symbol-value y *fp-constant-1s0*))
(0d0 (load-symbol-value y *fp-constant-0d0*))
......@@ -351,17 +351,7 @@
;; The FP constants
;; Following are all long-floats.
;; Multi-process support.
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