Commit 22e573f3 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Address #89: Remove C code to scavenge read-only space

Since we got rid of the symbol `*scavenge-read-only-space*`, we can
never scavenge the read-only space, so remove the C code that
scavenges the space.

Get rid of the unused var `read_only_space_size` too.
parent 9c0c857d
......@@ -7722,7 +7722,7 @@ static void
garbage_collect_generation(int generation, int raise)
unsigned long i;
unsigned long read_only_space_size, static_space_size;
unsigned long static_space_size;
#if defined(i386) || defined(__x86_64)
invalid_stack_start = (void *) control_stack;
......@@ -7865,17 +7865,6 @@ garbage_collect_generation(int generation, int raise)
printf("Done scavenging the scavenger hooks.\n");
#if 0
read_only_space_size =
(lispobj *) SymbolValue(READ_ONLY_SPACE_FREE_POINTER) -
fprintf(stderr, "Scavenge read only space: %ld bytes\n",
read_only_space_size * sizeof(lispobj));
scavenge(read_only_space, read_only_space_size);
static_space_size = (lispobj *) SymbolValue(STATIC_SPACE_FREE_POINTER)
- static_space;
if (gencgc_verbose > 1)
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