Commit 74b0de87 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Add test for overflow in expt that shouldn't happen

We shouldn't get an overflow, but we do because clang 10 miscompiles
e_pow.c and causes an overflow.

Addresses #101
parent e349bf1d
......@@ -544,3 +544,15 @@
;; the correct value.
(funcall (compile nil '(lambda () (array-displacement "aaaaaaaa"))))))
(define-test issue.101
(:tag :issues)
;; Verifies that we don't get unexpected overflow. The actual value
;; is not really important. The important part is no overflow is
;; signaled.
;; See for
;; more details.
(expt 1.7976931348623157d308 0.6666)))
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