Commit e7916afe authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Merge branch 'issue-89-really-remove-scavenge-read-only' into 'master'

Address #89: Really remove *scavenge-read-only-space*

See merge request cmucl/cmucl!59
parents b334db9f cf7c8acc
;; Simple cross-compile script to remove `*scavenge-read-only-space*`
;; which is no longer needed
;; Nothing special needs to be done for the cross-compile. Just use
;; this file for the -B option (not really necessary), and use the
;; standard cross-compile scripts in src/tools/cross-scripts.
;; -crl -B boot-2020-04-1 xtarget xcross src/tools/cross-scripts/cross-foo.lisp old-lisp
;; x86: cross-x86-x86
;; sparc: cross-sparc-sparc
......@@ -443,9 +443,6 @@
(defvar *fp-constant-lg2*)
(defvar *fp-constant-ln2*)
;;; Enable/Disable scavenging of the read-only space.
(defvar *scavenge-read-only-space* nil)
;;; The current alien stack pointer; saved/restored for non-local
;;; exits.
(defvar *alien-stack*)
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