Commit 871b9fab authored by david's avatar david

Revision: cxml--devel--1.0--patch-16

Creator: David Lichteblau <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 22:13:59 CET 2004
Standard-date: 2004-01-13 21:13:59 GMT
Modified-files: xmlconf.lisp
Summary: mit korrektem OUTPUT abgleichen

mit korrektem OUTPUT abgleichen
parent edded72c
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
((equal version "XML1.0")
((equal (dom:get-attribute test "NAMESPACE") "no")
(warn "~A: test applies to parsers without namespace support, skipping"
(format t "~A: test applies to parsers without namespace support, skipping~%"
(dom:get-attribute test "URI"))
......@@ -22,18 +22,36 @@
(warn "unrecognized RECOMMENDATION value: ~A" version)
(defun test-xml-conformance (directory)
(let ((xmlconf (xml:parse-file (merge-pathnames "xmlconf.xml" directory))))
(dolist (test (dom:get-elements-by-tag-name xmlconf "TEST"))
(when (relevant-test-p test)
(let* ((uri (dom:get-attribute test "URI"))
(defun test-pathnames (directory test)
(let* ((sub-directory
for parent = test then (dom:parent-node parent)
for base = (dom:get-attribute parent "xml:base")
until base
finally (return base)))
(pathname (merge-pathnames uri (merge-pathnames base directory))))
finally (return (merge-pathnames base directory))))
(uri (dom:get-attribute test "URI"))
(output (dom:get-attribute test "OUTPUT")))
(values (merge-pathnames uri sub-directory)
(when output (merge-pathnames output sub-directory)))))
(defun serialize-document (document)
(map 'vector #'char-code
(with-output-to-string (s)
(xml:unparse-document document s))))
(defun file-contents (pathname)
(with-open-file (s pathname)
(let ((result
(make-array (file-length s) :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(read-sequence result s )
(defun test-xml-conformance (directory)
(let ((xmlconf (xml:parse-file (merge-pathnames "xmlconf.xml" directory))))
(dolist (test (dom:get-elements-by-tag-name xmlconf "TEST"))
(when (relevant-test-p test)
(multiple-value-bind (pathname output)
(test-pathnames directory test)
(princ pathname)
(unless (probe-file pathname)
(error "file not found: ~A" pathname))
......@@ -41,8 +59,22 @@
(mp:with-timeout (60)
(xml:parse-file pathname))
(let ((document (xml:parse-file pathname)))
((null output)
(format t " ok (output not checked)~%"))
((equalp (file-contents output)
(serialize-document document))
(format t " ok~%"))
(let ((error-output
(make-pathname :type "error" :defaults output)))
(with-open-file (s error-output
:direction :output
:if-exists :supersede)
(write-sequence (serialize-document document) s))
(error "well-formed, but output ~S not the expected ~S~%"
output error-output)))))))
((and serious-condition (not excl:interrupt-signal)) (c)
(format t " FAILED:~% ~A~%[~A]~%"
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