Commit c8913eb2 authored by cvs-fast-export's avatar cvs-fast-export

Synthetic commit for tag patch-112

parent 65429721
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(in-package :sax-tests)
(defclass event-collecting-handler ()
((event-list :initform '() :accessor event-list)))
(defmethod start-document ((handler event-collecting-handler))
(push (list :start-document) (event-list handler)))
(defmethod start-element ((handler event-collecting-handler) ns-uri local-name qname attrs)
(push (list :start-element ns-uri local-name qname attrs)
(event-list handler)))
(defmethod start-prefix-mapping ((handler event-collecting-handler) prefix uri)
(push (list :start-prefix-mapping prefix uri)
(event-list handler)))
(defmethod characters ((handler event-collecting-handler) data)
(push (list :characters data)
(event-list handler)))
(defmethod processing-instruction ((handler event-collecting-handler) target data)
(push (list :processing-instruction target data)
(event-list handler)))
(defmethod end-prefix-mapping ((handler event-collecting-handler) prefix)
(push (list :end-prefix-mapping prefix)
(event-list handler)))
(defmethod end-element ((handler event-collecting-handler) namespace-uri local-name qname)
(push (list :end-element namespace-uri local-name qname)
(event-list handler)))
(defmethod end-document ((handler event-collecting-handler))
(push (list :end-document)
(event-list handler))
(nreverse (event-list handler)))
\ No newline at end of file
(defpackage :sax-tests
(:use :cl :xml :sax :glisp :rt)
(:export #:event-collecting-handler))
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