Commit e466b2b3 authored by david's avatar david
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Revision: cxml--devel--1.0--patch-6

Creator: David Lichteblau <>
Date: Fri Jan  9 18:33:59 CET 2004
Standard-date: 2004-01-09 17:33:59 GMT
Modified-files: xml/dom-impl.lisp
Summary: fixed dom:remove-child

Don't remove the child from itself, remove it from its parent. :)
parent f2d9273b
...@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ ...@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@
old-child)) old-child))
(defmethod dom:remove-child ((node node) (old-child node)) (defmethod dom:remove-child ((node node) (old-child node))
(with-slots (children) old-child (with-slots (children) node
(setf children (remove old-child children)) (setf children (remove old-child children))
(setf (slot-value old-child 'parent) nil) (setf (slot-value old-child 'parent) nil)
old-child)) old-child))
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