Commit 7abef0af authored by david's avatar david

Revision: cxml--devel--1.0--patch-39

Creator: David Lichteblau <>
Date: Wed Feb  4 19:06:45 CET 2004
Standard-date: 2004-02-04 18:06:45 GMT
Modified-files: xml/xml-parse.lisp
Summary: fix for thread safety in p/document

fix for thread safety in p/document
parent 601a4ee0
......@@ -1921,10 +1921,10 @@
(defun p/document (input handler)
(let ((*handler* handler)
(*namespace-bindings* *default-namespace-bindings*))
(*namespace-bindings* *default-namespace-bindings*)
(*entities* nil)
(*dtd* (make-dtd)))
(declare (special *namespace-bindings*)) ;forward declaration for DEFVAR
(setf *entities* nil)
(setf *dtd* (make-dtd))
(sax:start-document *handler*)
;; document ::= XMLDecl? Misc* (doctypedecl Misc*)? element Misc*
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