Commit baf0a051 authored by Jason Miller's avatar Jason Miller

Pop the namespace stack when finishing an element

Prior to this fix, klacks fails to properly manage namespaces (but sax
works fine).
parent fde3c37b
......@@ -328,12 +328,13 @@
(klacks/content source input finish)))))
(defun klacks/element-3 (source input tag-values cont)
(with-source (source current-key current-values current-attributes)
(with-source (source current-key current-values current-attributes namespace-stack)
(setf current-key :end-element)
(setf current-values tag-values)
(let ((qname (third tag-values)))
(p/etag input qname)
(validate-end-element *ctx* qname))
(pop namespace-stack)
(defun klacks/content (source input cont)
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