Commit 08d59a6d authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Simplify TOUCH-FILE.

There was a very complex conditional in the middle controlling how it
was implemented.  I simplified the conditions to make it easier to
understand how it works.
I also modified it so that if you tell TOUCH-FILE to use the cache, and
the cache hasn't been initialized, it will raise an error.
parent 806447f3
......@@ -316,17 +316,20 @@ Some constraints:
(defun touch-file (file &key offset timestamp in-filesystem)
(let* ((base (or timestamp (get-universal-time)))
(stamp (if offset (+ base offset) base)))
(if (and (asymval :*asdf-cache*) (not in-filesystem))
(acall :register-file-stamp file stamp)
(if in-filesystem
(multiple-value-bind (sec min hr day month year)
(decode-universal-time stamp)
(unless in-filesystem
(error "Y U NO use stamp cache?"))
(acall :run-program
`("touch" "-t" ,(format nil "~4,'0D~2,'0D~2,'0D~2,'0D~2,'0D.~2,'0D"
year month day hr min sec)
,(acall :native-namestring file)))
(assert-equal (file-write-date file) stamp)))))
(assert-equal (file-write-date file) stamp))
;; else
(unless (asymval :*asdf-cache*)
(error "Trying to use *ASDF-CACHE* in TOUCH-FILE, but cache is not initialized."))
(acall :register-file-stamp file stamp)))))
(defun mark-file-deleted (file)
(unless (asymval :*asdf-cache*) (error "Y U NO use asdf cache?"))
(acall :register-file-stamp (acall :normalize-namestring file) nil))
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