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No more build.xcvb, yes Makefile-lisp-scripting and make-asdf.*
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......@@ -187,9 +187,9 @@ How do I navigate this source tree?
* [install-asdf.lisp](install-asdf.lisp) -- replace and update an implementation's ASDF
* [cl-source-registry-cache.lisp](cl-source-registry-cache.lisp) -- update a cache for the source-registry as a standalone script.
* [build.xcvb](build.xcvb)
* The system definition for building ASDF with XCVB.
It hasn't been tested or maintained for years and has bitrotten.
* [Makefile-lisp-scripting](Makefile-lisp-scripting),
[]( and [make-asdf.bat](make-asdf.bat)
* Makefile and scripts to invoke the lisp scripting variants of the build system.
* [version.lisp-expr](version.lisp-expr)
* The current version. Bumped up every time the code changes, using:
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