Commit 46eb49bf authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman Committed by Elias Pipping
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Fix build on CCL/Windows.

The code for %POSIX-SEND-SIGNAL -- which isn't invoked on Windows
anyway, was crashing on Windows build -- because of differences in
function signatures on CCL Windows/other.  Fixed this by simply making
%POSIX-SEND-SIGNAL a stub on Windows.  I couldn't remove it altogether,
because deciding whether to invoke it is a decision made at run-time,
not compile-time.
parent 8f9db9ed
......@@ -790,6 +790,7 @@ or :error-output."
;; via %run-program, e.g., will stop the shell /bin/sh that is used
;; to run the command (via `sh -c command`) but not the actual
;; command.
(defun %posix-send-signal (process-info signal)
#+allegro (excl.osi:kill (slot-value process-info 'process) signal)
#+clozure (ccl:signal-external-process (slot-value process-info 'process)
......@@ -800,6 +801,13 @@ or :error-output."
(if-let (pid (process-info-pid process-info))
(%run-program (format nil "kill -~a ~a" signal pid) :wait t)))
;;; this function never gets called on Windows, but the compiler cannot tell
;;; that. [2016/09/25:rpg]
(defun %posix-send-signal (process-info signal)
(declare (ignore process-info signal))
(defun terminate-process (process-info &key urgent)
"Cause the process to exit. To that end, the process may or may
not be sent a signal, which it will find harder (or even impossible)
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