Commit 533bac0e authored by Jean-Claude Beaudoin's avatar Jean-Claude Beaudoin Committed by Robert P. Goldman
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On mkcl, no need to manually load COMPILER anymore.

Dependency on UIOP provides it properly now.
parent ebecfe49
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
:depends-on (:uiop)
:components ((:file "hello"))
,@`(:prefix-lisp-object-files (,(namestring (truename (translate-logical-pathname #P"SYS:cmp.a"))))
,@`(;;:prefix-lisp-object-files (,(namestring (truename (translate-logical-pathname #P"SYS:cmp.a"))))
:extra-build-args ,(or #-windows '(:use-mkcl-shared-libraries nil))
:class program-system
:epilogue-code (progn
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