Commit 69c76bfe authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman

Reorder the tasks for %test.

Previously, the final task was building the docs. But this happens to
generate a long mess of TeX outputs, which buries the results of the
test scripts.  So now we do the doc task first, then test-clean-load,
then test-scripts.
parent f798a056
......@@ -82,6 +82,6 @@ Ran ~D tests, ~D passed, ~D failed~
(deftestcmd %test (lisp test-scripts)
"run all normal tests but upgrade tests
Use the preferred lisp implementation"
(all-pass (test-scripts lisp test-scripts) (doc) (test-clean-load lisp)))
(all-pass (doc) (test-clean-load lisp) (test-scripts lisp test-scripts)))
(defalias %t %test)
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