Commit 8844b8d4 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Add a test for backward-compatible propagation of operation classes.

Anton Vodonosov found that the backward-compatibility kluge was broken
and tried to compute the component-children of non-parent components.
parent 94637575
......@@ -57,3 +57,17 @@
(make-instance 'my-incoherent-operation))
(assert (make-instance 'my-good-operation))
;; This test exercises the backward-compatibility mechanism of operation,
;; whereby traditional unqualified operations are implicitly downward and sideward
(defclass trivial-operation (operation) ())
(loop :for (o . c) :in (traverse 'trivial-operation '(:test-asdf/test-module-depend "quux"))
:collect (cons (type-of o) (component-find-path c)))
'((trivial-operation "test-asdf/test-module-depend" "file1")
(trivial-operation "test-asdf/test-module-depend" "quux" "file2")
(trivial-operation "test-asdf/test-module-depend" "quux" "file3mod" "file3")
(trivial-operation "test-asdf/test-module-depend" "quux" "file3mod")
(trivial-operation "test-asdf/test-module-depend" "quux")))
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