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Stop fmakunbound'ing defgeneric's past the upgrade trigger

If we fmakunbound a defgeneric, we lose any user-defined method on the function
and must therefore reload any and every system that might have defined methods
on it. We must therefore not fmakunbound past the forward compatibility upgrade
trigger, only before. Adjust our code accordingly. Conservative bounds are used
in *oldest-forward-compatible-asdf-version* and redefined-functions that should
probably be refined after some inspection of old versions.

This is a response to
parent b14722e0
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ Use it in FORMAT control strings as ~/asdf-action:format-action/"
;;;; Dependencies
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric* (component-depends-on) (operation component) ;; ASDF4: rename to component-dependencies
(defgeneric component-depends-on (operation component) ;; ASDF4: rename to component-dependencies
"Returns a list of dependencies needed by the component to perform
the operation. A dependency has one of the following forms:
......@@ -270,7 +270,7 @@ The class needs to be updated for ASDF 3.1 and specify appropriate propagation m
;;;; Inputs, Outputs, and invisible dependencies
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric* (output-files) (operation component)
(defgeneric output-files (operation component)
(:documentation "Methods for this function return two values: a list of output files
corresponding to this action, and a boolean indicating if they have already been subjected
to relevant output translations and should not be further translated.
......@@ -278,13 +278,13 @@ to relevant output translations and should not be further translated.
Methods on PERFORM *must* call this function to determine where their outputs are to be located.
They may rely on the order of the files to discriminate between outputs.
(defgeneric* (input-files) (operation component)
(defgeneric input-files (operation component)
(:documentation "A list of input files corresponding to this action.
Methods on PERFORM *must* call this function to determine where their inputs are located.
They may rely on the order of the files to discriminate between inputs.
(defgeneric* (operation-done-p) (operation component)
(defgeneric operation-done-p (operation component)
(:documentation "Returns a boolean which is NIL if the action must be performed (again)."))
(define-convenience-action-methods output-files (operation component))
(define-convenience-action-methods input-files (operation component))
......@@ -294,8 +294,7 @@ They may rely on the order of the files to discriminate between inputs.
;; Translate output files, unless asked not to. Memoize the result.
(defmethod output-files :around (operation component)
operation component ;; hush genera, not convinced by declare ignorable(!)
(defmethod output-files :around ((operation t) (component t))
(do-asdf-cache `(output-files ,operation ,component)
(multiple-value-bind (pathnames fixedp) (call-next-method)
......@@ -397,7 +396,7 @@ in some previous image, or T if it needs to be done.")
;;;; Perform
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric* (perform) (operation component)
(defgeneric perform (operation component)
(:documentation "PERFORM an action, consuming its input-files and building its output-files"))
(define-convenience-action-methods perform (operation component))
......@@ -418,7 +417,7 @@ in some previous image, or T if it needs to be done.")
;; The restarts of the perform-with-restarts variant matter in an interactive context.
;; The retry strategies of p-w-r itself, and/or the background workers of a multiprocess build
;; may call perform directly rather than call p-w-r.
(defgeneric* (perform-with-restarts) (operation component)
(defgeneric perform-with-restarts (operation component)
(:documentation "PERFORM an action in a context where suitable restarts are in place."))
(defmethod perform-with-restarts (operation component)
(perform operation component))
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ if that's whay you mean." ;;)
;; TRAVERSE is the function used to compute a plan in ASDF 1 and 2.
;; It was never officially exposed but some people still used it.
(defgeneric* (traverse) (operation component &key &allow-other-keys)
(defgeneric traverse (operation component &key &allow-other-keys)
"Generate and return a plan for performing OPERATION on COMPONENT.
......@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@ Please use UIOP:RUN-PROGRAM instead."
;;; This method survives from ASDF 1, but really it is superseded by action-description.
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric* (explain) (operation component)
(defgeneric explain (operation component)
(:documentation "Display a message describing an action.
(defmethod explain ((o operation) (c component))
......@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ or of opaque libraries shipped along the source code."))
:force :force-not :plan-class) ;; TODO: refactor so we don't mix plan and operation arguments
(operation-original-initargs instance))))
(defgeneric* (trivial-system-p) (component))
(defgeneric trivial-system-p (component))
(defun user-system-p (s)
(and (typep s 'system)
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
(:documentation "Top-level system containing the COMPONENT"))
(defgeneric component-pathname (component)
(:documentation "Pathname of the COMPONENT if any, or NIL."))
(defgeneric* (component-relative-pathname) (component)
(defgeneric component-relative-pathname (component)
;; in ASDF4, rename that to component-specified-pathname ?
(:documentation "Specified pathname of the COMPONENT,
intended to be merged with the pathname of that component's parent if any, using merged-pathnames*.
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ or NIL for top-level components (a.k.a. systems)"))
;; Deprecated: Backward compatible way of computing the FILE-TYPE of a component.
;; TODO: find users, have them stop using that, remove it for ASDF4.
(defgeneric* (source-file-type) (component system)
(defgeneric source-file-type (component system)
(:documentation "DEPRECATED. Use the FILE-TYPE of a COMPONENT instead."))
(define-condition system-definition-error (error) ()
......@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@ typically but not necessarily representing the files in a subdirectory of the bu
;;;; component pathnames
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric* (component-parent-pathname) (component)
(defgeneric component-parent-pathname (component)
(:documentation "The pathname of the COMPONENT's parent, if any, or NIL"))
(defmethod component-parent-pathname (component)
(component-pathname (component-parent component)))
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
;;;; Finding components
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric* (find-component) (base path &key registered)
(defgeneric find-component (base path &key registered)
(:documentation "Find a component by resolving the PATH starting from BASE parent.
If REGISTERED is true, only search currently registered systems."))
(defgeneric resolve-dependency-combination (component combinator arguments)
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
(in-package :asdf/operate)
(with-upgradability ()
(defgeneric* (operate) (operation component &key &allow-other-keys)
(defgeneric operate (operation component &key &allow-other-keys)
"Operate does mainly four things for the user:
......@@ -208,7 +208,7 @@ the implementation's REQUIRE rather than by internal ASDF mechanisms."))
(*modules-being-required* (cons module *modules-being-required*)))
(assert (null (component-children s)))
;; CMUCL likes its module names to be all upcase.
(require #-cmucl module #+cmucl (string-upcase module))))
(require (nest #+cmucl (string-upcase) module))))
(defmethod resolve-dependency-combination (component (combinator (eql :require)) arguments)
(unless (and (length=n-p arguments 1)
......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ after having found a .asd file? True by default.")
;;; Process the source-registry configuration
(defgeneric* (process-source-registry) (spec &key inherit register))
(defgeneric process-source-registry (spec &key inherit register))
(defun* (inherit-source-registry) (inherit &key register)
(when inherit
......@@ -24,12 +24,12 @@
(with-upgradability ()
;; The method is actually defined in asdf/find-system,
;; but we declare the function here to avoid a forward reference.
(defgeneric* (find-system) (system &optional error-p)
(defgeneric find-system (system &optional error-p)
(:documentation "Given a system designator, find the actual corresponding system object.
If no system is found, then signal an error if ERROR-P is true (the default), or else return NIL.
A system designator is usually a string (conventionally all lowercase) or a symbol, designating
the same system as its downcased name; it can also be a system object (designating itself)."))
(defgeneric* (system-source-file :supersede #-clisp t #+clisp nil) (system)
(defgeneric system-source-file (system)
(:documentation "Return the source file in which system is defined."))
;; This is bad design, but was the easiest kluge I found to let the user specify that
;; some special actions create outputs at locations controled by the user that are not affected
......@@ -44,8 +44,12 @@ You can compare this string with e.g.: (ASDF:VERSION-SATISFIES (ASDF:ASDF-VERSIO
(list previous)))
;; This public variable will be bound shortly to the currently loaded version of ASDF.
(defvar *asdf-version* nil)
;; We need to clear systems from versions older than the one in this (private) parameter:
(defparameter *oldest-forward-compatible-asdf-version* "2.33") ;; 2.32.13 renames a slot in component.
;; We need to clear systems from versions older than the one in this (private) parameter.
;; The latest incompatible defclass is 2.32.13 renaming a slot in component;
;; the latest incompatible defgeneric is TBD;
;; there is a defgeneric => defun in so lacking per-function fmakunbound for now,
;; this will be our cut-off version.
(defparameter *oldest-forward-compatible-asdf-version* "")
;; Semi-private variable: a designator for a stream on which to output ASDF progress messages
(defvar *verbose-out* nil)
;; Private function by which ASDF outputs progress messages and warning messages:
......@@ -104,8 +108,18 @@ previously-loaded version of ASDF."
(when-upgrading ()
(let ((redefined-functions ;; gf signature and/or semantics changed incompatibly. Oops.
;; NB: it's too late to do anything about functions in UIOP!
;; If you introduce some critically incompatibility there, you must change name.
'()) ;; empty now that we don't unintern, but wholly punt on ASDF 2.26 or earlier.
;; If you introduce some critical incompatibility there, you must change the function name.
;; TODO: We should probably remove a few of these functions now that we wholly punt
;; on ASDF 2.26 or earlier; however determining which for sure is a huge pain,
;; because it requires inspecting each and every release since 2.27 or so.
;; Note that we don't include the defgeneric=>defun, because they are
;; done directly with defun* and need not trigger a punt on data.
;; So these are only for defun=>defgeneric, modified defgeneric and *method removed*.
'(#:component-depends-on #:output-files #:input-files #:operation-done-p
#:perform #:perform-with-restarts #:traverse #:explain #:operate
#:trivial-system-p #:component-relative-pathname #:source-file-type
#:component-parent-pathname #:find-component #:process-source-registry
#:find-system #:system-source-file))
;; redefining the classes causes interim circularities
;; with the old ASDF during upgrade, and many implementations bork
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