Commit 9923fbb2 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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MKCL patch for upgrading.

Previously, MKCL was unable to FMAKUNBOUND a SETF method.
parent 9ee30a2f
......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@
;; (setf output-translations) between 2.27 and 3.0.3 was using a defsetf macro
;; for the sake of obsolete versions of GCL 2.6. Make sure it doesn't come to haunt us.
#-mkcl ; mkcl 1.1.9 can't fmakunbound a setf function.
(when-upgrading (:version "3.1.2") (fmakunbound '(setf output-translations)))
(with-upgradability ()
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