Commit bafb641a authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański Committed by Francois-Rene Rideau
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bundle: introduce system-module-pathname

Use a more general approach regarding prebuilt system modules on
implementations Clasp, ECL and MKCL with `system-module-pathname',
instead of separate functions for cmp/asdf/uiop. Thanks to that,
we'll be able to include any prebuilt module with

(make-library-system name)

where name may be "sb-bsd-sockets", "babel" or anything else. This is
important for image-op (therefore program-op) and is a prerequisite to
fix the problem with monolithic boundle-op's not including required
prebuilt systems.
parent 971cfd04
......@@ -520,41 +520,37 @@ for all the linkable object files associated with the system or its dependencies
;;(unless (or #+(or clasp ecl) (use-ecl-byte-compiler-p))
;; (setf *load-system-operation* 'load-bundle-op))
(defun uiop-library-pathname ()
#+clasp (probe-file* (compile-file-pathname "sys:uiop" :output-type :object))
#+ecl (or (probe-file* (compile-file-pathname "sys:uiop" :type :lib)) ;; new style
(probe-file* (compile-file-pathname "sys:uiop" :type :object))) ;; old style
#+mkcl (make-pathname :type (bundle-pathname-type :lib) :defaults #p"sys:contrib;uiop"))
(defun asdf-library-pathname ()
#+clasp (probe-file* (compile-file-pathname "sys:asdf" :output-type :object))
#+ecl (or (probe-file* (compile-file-pathname "sys:asdf" :type :lib)) ;; new style
(probe-file* (compile-file-pathname "sys:asdf" :type :object))) ;; old style
#+mkcl (make-pathname :type (bundle-pathname-type :lib) :defaults #p"sys:contrib;asdf"))
(defun compiler-library-pathname ()
#+clasp (compile-file-pathname "sys:cmp" :output-type :lib)
#+ecl (compile-file-pathname "sys:cmp" :type :lib)
#+mkcl (make-pathname :type (bundle-pathname-type :lib) :defaults #p"sys:cmp"))
(defun make-library-system (name pathname)
(make-instance 'prebuilt-system
:name (coerce-name name) :static-library (resolve-symlinks* pathname)))
(defun system-module-pathname (module)
(let ((name (coerce-name module)))
#+clasp (compile-file-pathname (make-pathname :name name :defaults "sys:") :output-type :object)
#+ecl (compile-file-pathname (make-pathname :name name :defaults "sys:") :type :lib)
#+ecl (compile-file-pathname (make-pathname :name name :defaults "sys:") :type :object)
#+mkcl (make-pathname :name name :type (bundle-pathname-type :lib) :defaults #p"sys:")
#+mkcl (make-pathname :name name :type (bundle-pathname-type :lib) :defaults #p"sys:contrib;")))))
(defun make-library-system (name &optional (pathname (system-module-pathname name)))
"Creates a prebuilt-system if PATHNAME isn't NIL."
(when pathname
(make-instance 'prebuilt-system
:name (coerce-name name)
:static-library (resolve-symlinks* pathname))))
(defmethod component-depends-on :around ((o image-op) (c system))
(destructuring-bind ((lib-op . deps)) (call-next-method)
(flet ((has-it-p (x) (find x deps :test 'equal :key 'coerce-name)))
,@(unless (or (no-uiop c) (has-it-p "cmp"))
"cmp" (compiler-library-pathname))))
`(,(make-library-system "cmp")))
,@(unless (or (no-uiop c) (has-it-p "uiop") (has-it-p "asdf"))
((system-source-directory :uiop) `(,(find-system :uiop)))
((system-source-directory :asdf) `(,(find-system :asdf)))
(t `(,@(if-let (uiop (uiop-library-pathname))
(t `(,@(if-let (uiop (system-module-pathname "uiop"))
`(,(make-library-system "uiop" uiop)))
,(make-library-system "asdf" (asdf-library-pathname))))))
,(make-library-system "asdf")))))
(defmethod perform ((o link-op) (c system))
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