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By this time, no one should remember this oddity of earlier ASDF,
so it's more of a confusion than a help to mention it.
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......@@ -1861,13 +1861,6 @@ been performed.
This option was added in ASDF 3. For more information,
@xref{required-features, Required features}.
@subsection if-component-dep-fails option
@cindex :if-component-dep-fails component option
This option was removed in ASDF 3.
Its semantics was limited in purpose and dubious to explain,
and its implementation was breaking a hole into the ASDF object model.
Please use the @code{if-feature} option instead.
@subsection feature requirement
This requirement was removed in ASDF 3.1. Please do not use it. In
most cases, @code{:if-feature} (@pxref{if-feature-option}) will provide
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