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Add a contrib to help debug plan-making

parent 3698c0a1
(in-package :asdf/plan)
(defmethod compute-action-stamp (plan (o operation) (c component) &key just-done)
;; Given an action, figure out at what time in the past it has been done,
;; or if it has just been done, return the time that it has.
;; Returns two values:
;; 1- the TIMESTAMP of the action if it has already been done and is up to date,
;; or T is either hasn't been done or is out of date.
;; 2- the DONE-IN-IMAGE-P boolean flag that is T if the action has already been done
;; in the current image, or NIL if it hasn't.
;; Note that if e.g. LOAD-OP only depends on up-to-date files, but
;; hasn't been done in the current image yet, then it can have a non-T timestamp,
;; yet a NIL done-in-image-p flag.
(block ())
(let ((dep-stamp ; collect timestamp from dependencies (or T if forced or out-of-date)
plan o c
#'(lambda (o c stamp)
(if-let (it (plan-action-status plan o c))
(latest-stamp stamp (action-stamp it))
;; out-of-date dependency: don't bother expensively querying the filesystem
(when (and (eq dep-stamp t) (not just-done))
(let ((outdated-deps
plan o c
#'(lambda (o c deps)
(if (if-let (it (plan-action-status plan o c))
(not (eq t (action-stamp it))))
(cons (cons o c) deps)))
(DBG "compute-action-stamp: forced by out of date dependency"
(cons o c)
(return (values t nil))))
;; collect timestamps from inputs, and exit early if any is missing
(let* ((in-files (input-files o c))
(in-stamps (mapcar #'get-file-stamp in-files))
(missing-in (loop :for f :in in-files :for s :in in-stamps :unless s :collect f))
(latest-in (stamps-latest (cons dep-stamp in-stamps))))
(when (and missing-in (not just-done))
(DBG "compute-action-stamp: missing inputs"
(cons o c)
(return (values t nil))))
;; collect timestamps from outputs, and exit early if any is missing
(let* ((out-files (remove-if 'null (output-files o c)))
(out-stamps (mapcar (if just-done 'register-file-stamp 'get-file-stamp) out-files))
(missing-out (loop :for f :in out-files :for s :in out-stamps :unless s :collect f))
(earliest-out (stamps-earliest out-stamps)))
(when (and missing-out (not just-done))
(DBG "compute-action-stamp: missing outputs"
(cons o c)
(return (values t nil))))
(let* (;; There are three kinds of actions:
(out-op (and out-files t)) ; those that create files on the filesystem
;;(image-op (and in-files (null out-files))) ; those that load stuff into the image
;;(null-op (and (null out-files) (null in-files))) ; placeholders that do nothing
;; When was the thing last actually done? (Now, or ask.)
(op-time (or just-done (component-operation-time o c)))
;; Time stamps from the files at hand, and whether any is missing
(all-present (not (or missing-in missing-out)))
;; Has any input changed since we last generated the files?
(up-to-date-p (stamp<= latest-in earliest-out))
;; If everything is up to date, the latest of inputs and outputs is our stamp
(done-stamp (stamps-latest (cons latest-in out-stamps))))
;; Warn if some files are missing:
;; either our model is wrong or some other process is messing with our files.
(when (and just-done (not all-present))
(warn "~A completed without ~:[~*~;~*its input file~:p~2:*~{ ~S~}~*~]~
~:[~; or ~]~:[~*~;~*its output file~:p~2:*~{ ~S~}~*~]"
(action-description o c)
missing-in (length missing-in) (and missing-in missing-out)
missing-out (length missing-out)))
(let ((already-done-p (and all-present up-to-date-p (operation-done-p o c) (not (action-forced-p plan o c))))
(matching-stamp-p (and op-time (eql op-time done-stamp))))
(DBG "compute-action-stamp"
(cons o c)
;; (eql op-time done-stamp)
;; Note that we use stamp<= instead of stamp< to play nice with generated files.
;; Any race condition is intrinsic to the limited timestamp resolution.
(if (or just-done ;; The done-stamp is valid: if we're just done, or
;; if all filesystem effects are up-to-date and there's no invalidating reason.
(and all-present up-to-date-p (operation-done-p o c) (not (action-forced-p plan o c))))
(values done-stamp ;; return the hard-earned timestamp
(or just-done
out-op ;; a file-creating op is done when all files are up to date
;; a image-effecting a placeholder op is done when it was actually run,
(and op-time (eql op-time done-stamp)))) ;; with the matching stamp
;; done-stamp invalid: return a timestamp in an indefinite future, action not done yet
(values t nil)))))
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