1. 25 Sep, 2016 4 commits
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      Bump version to · b0eb3f7a
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      Merge branch 'run-program-messy-with-rebasing' into 'master' · e6550bec
      Robert Goldman authored
      %run-program: Overhaul of asynchronous process spawning
      The primary changes made in this branch can be summarised as follows:
       - Employ parameter-error and not-implemented-error
       - Add and use process-info class with a few corresponding getter functions
       - Export functions: process-info-pid, wait-process
       - Add functions: launch-program, close-streams, process-alive-p, terminate-process
       - Unify exit status codes
       - Add tests; unix-specific for now.
      See merge request !3
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      Fix build on CCL/Windows. · 46eb49bf
      Robert Goldman authored
      The code for %POSIX-SEND-SIGNAL -- which isn't invoked on Windows
      anyway, was crashing on Windows build -- because of differences in
      function signatures on CCL Windows/other.  Fixed this by simply making
      %POSIX-SEND-SIGNAL a stub on Windows.  I couldn't remove it altogether,
      because deciding whether to invoke it is a decision made at run-time,
      not compile-time.
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      Export process-info-pid · 8f9db9ed
      Elias Pipping authored
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