Commit 54d22248 authored by Attila Lendvai's avatar Attila Lendvai
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added :allow-specializers to parse-ordinary-lambda-list

parent c5a96815
......@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@ arguments when given."
(values body (nreverse decls) doc)))
(defun parse-ordinary-lambda-list (lambda-list &key (normalize t)
(normalize-optional normalize)
(normalize-keyword normalize)
(normalize-auxilary normalize))
......@@ -106,14 +107,17 @@ Signals a PROGRAM-ERROR is the lambda-list is malformed."
(labels ((fail (elt)
(simple-program-error "Misplaced ~S in ordinary lambda-list:~% ~S"
elt lambda-list))
(check-variable (elt what)
(unless (and (symbolp elt) (not (constantp elt)))
(check-variable (elt what &optional (allow-specializers allow-specializers))
(unless (and (or (symbolp elt)
(and allow-specializers
(consp elt) (= 2 (length elt)) (symbolp (first elt))))
(not (constantp elt)))
(simple-program-error "Invalid ~A ~S in ordinary lambda-list:~% ~S"
what elt lambda-list)))
(check-spec (spec what)
(destructuring-bind (init suppliedp) spec
(declare (ignore init))
(check-variable suppliedp what))))
(check-variable suppliedp what nil))))
(dolist (elt lambda-list)
(case elt
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