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copy docstrings.lisp from SBCL

  Easier to work with like this. Note: the code has already mutated a bit.
parent 01a5b9bf
......@@ -6,11 +6,10 @@ clean:
# Hook into the super sekrit texinfo generator in the SBCL tree -- this is just a quick way
# to bootrap documentation for now.
sbcl --eval '(progn (require :asdf) (require :alexandria) (rename-package :alexandria :alexandria))' \
--eval '(load (merge-pathnames "doc/manual/docstrings.lisp" (posix-getenv "SBCL_SOURCE_ROOT")))' \
--eval '(sb-texinfo:generate-includes "include/" :alexandria)' \
sbcl --eval '(progn (require :asdf) (require :alexandria))' \
--load docstrings.lisp \
--eval '(sb-texinfo:generate-includes "include/" (list :alexandria) :base-package :alexandria)' \
--eval '(quit)'
mv include/fun-alexandria-type=.texinfo include/fun-alexandria-type-equal.texinfo
pdf: include
texi2pdf alexandria.texinfo
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