Commit d92432dd authored by Ryan Davis's avatar Ryan Davis Committed by Nikodemus Siivola
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convert ENSURE-GETHASH into a macro

 Evaluate the default-form only if we actually use it.
parent 77b219a8
......@@ -89,11 +89,11 @@ PLIST. Hash table is initialized using the HASH-TABLE-INITARGS."
(setf (gethash (car tail) table) (cadr tail)))
(defun ensure-gethash (key hash-table &optional default)
(defmacro ensure-gethash (key hash-table &optional default)
"Like GETHASH, but if KEY is not found in the HASH-TABLE saves the DEFAULT
under key before returning it. Secondary return value is true if key was
already in the table."
(multiple-value-bind (value ok) (gethash key hash-table)
(if ok
(values value ok)
(values (setf (gethash key hash-table) default) nil))))
`(multiple-value-bind (value ok) (gethash ,key ,hash-table)
(if ok
(values value ok)
(values (setf (gethash ,key ,hash-table) ,default) nil))))
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