Commit e88c1833 authored by Attila Lendvai's avatar Attila Lendvai
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Record failing test for parse-ordinary-lambda-list as per issue #2.

parent 2d58c7a5
......@@ -2010,10 +2010,19 @@
(deftest parse-ordinary-lambda-list.1
(multiple-value-bind (req opt rest keys allowp aux keyp)
(parse-ordinary-lambda-list '(a b c &optional d &key))
(parse-ordinary-lambda-list '(a b c
&optional o1 (o2 42) (o3 42 o3-supplied?)
&key (k1) ((:key k2)) (k3 42 k3-supplied?))
:normalize t)
(and (equal '(a b c) req)
(equal '((d nil nil)) opt)
(equal '() keys)
(equal '((o1 nil nil)
(o2 42 nil)
(o3 42 o3-supplied?))
(equal '(((:k1 k1) nil nil)
((:key k2) nil nil)
((:k3 k3) 42 k3-supplied?))
(not allowp)
(not aux)
(eq t keyp)))
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