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Added file that has tests that invoke the random type prop infrastructure

parent e619dc29
......@@ -1056,3 +1056,14 @@ the condition to go uncaught if it cannot be classified."
(progn (string x) t)
(error nil)))
;;; Approximate comparison of numbers
(defun approx= (x y)
(let ((eps 1.0d-4))
(<= (abs (- x y))
(* eps (max (abs x) (abs y))))))
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -1129,8 +1129,8 @@
(make-random-element-of-type (random-from-seq (cdr type))))
(assert (cdr type))
(loop repeat 100
for x = (make-random-element-of-type (cadr type))
(loop for x = (make-random-element-of-type (cadr type))
repeat 100
when (typep x (cons 'and (cddr type)))
return x
finally (error "Cannot generate random element of ~A" type)))
......@@ -1159,7 +1159,7 @@
;; of certain integers (near 0, near endpoints, near
;; powers of 2...)
(random-from-interval (1+ hi) lo)))))
((single-float double-float long-float short-float)
(let ((lo (cadr type))
(hi (caddr type))
......@@ -17,15 +17,17 @@
(declaim (special *param-types* *params* *is-var?* *form*))
(defparameter *default-reps* 1000)
(defparameter *default-cell* nil)
(defun do-random-type-prop-tests
(operator &key
(minargs 2)
(operator arg-types minargs
(maxargs minargs)
(arg-types nil)
(rest-type 'integer)
(reps 1000)
(rest-type t)
(reps *default-reps*)
(enclosing-the nil)
(cell t)
(cell *default-cell*)
(test #'regression-test::equalp-with-case))
(assert (<= 1 minargs maxargs 20))
(dotimes (i reps)
......@@ -58,12 +60,12 @@
(#+sbcl (sb-ext::compiler-note #'muffle-warning)
(warning #'muffle-warning))
(let ((eval-form (cons operator (loop for v in vals collect `(quote ,v)))))
;; (print eval-form) (terpri)
;; (dotimes (i 100) (eval eval-form))
(eval eval-form))))
(result-type (if (and enclosing-the (integerp rval))
(make-random-type-containing rval)
(upgraded-result-type (upgraded-array-element-type `(eql ,rval)))
(expr `(,operator ,@(loop for x in is-var?
for v in vals
for p in param-names
......@@ -83,6 +85,8 @@
#+allegro (1+ (random 3)))
(debug (random 4))
(store-into-cell? (and cell (coin)))
(upgraded-result-type (and store-into-cell?
(upgraded-array-element-type `(eql ,rval))))
`(lambda (,@(when store-into-cell? '(r)) ,@params)
(declare (optimize (speed ,speed) (safety ,safety) (debug ,debug) (space ,space))
......@@ -134,6 +138,15 @@
;; (dolist (v vals) (describe v))
;; Default method
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val t)) t)
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val standard-class))
(random-from-seq #(standard-class class t)))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val structure-class))
(random-from-seq #(structure-class class t)))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val integer))
(2 (let ((tp (random-from-seq '(t number real rational))))
......@@ -273,10 +286,15 @@
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val cons))
(3 'cons)
(2 'cons)
(2 'list)
(1 `(cons ,(make-random-type-containing (car val))))
(1 `(cons t ,(make-random-type-containing (cdr val))))
(1 `(cons ,(make-random-type-containing (car val))
,(random-from-seq #(t *))))
(2 `(cons ,(random-from-seq #(t *))
,(make-random-type-containing (cdr val))))
(2 `(cons ,(make-random-type-containing (car val))
,(make-random-type-containing (cdr val))))
(1 t)))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val complex))
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