Commit 0a737c5a authored by Attila Lendvai's avatar Attila Lendvai
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fix logical pathname translation on SBCL and CCL. others not tested.

parent 4287649f
......@@ -15,12 +15,12 @@
#+clisp (setq custom::*warn-on-floating-point-contagion* nil)
;;; Configure logical pathnames
(setf (logical-pathname-translations "ansi-tests")
`(("aux;*.*" ,(merge-pathnames
(pathname-directory *load-truename*))))))
(setf (logical-pathname-translations "ANSI-TESTS")
,(merge-pathnames "auxiliary/"
(pathname-directory *load-truename*))))))
(let (*load-verbose* *load-print* *compile-verbose* *compile-print*)
(load "compile-and-load.lsp"))
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