Commit 0ec144c6 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Added routine to compute class precedence list. Added more defclass tests.

parent 66491a8d
......@@ -20,6 +20,12 @@
(default-initargs nil :type list)
(metaclass 'standard-class :type symbol)
(documentation nil :type (or null string))
;; Internal fields
(preds nil :type list)
(succs nil :type list)
(count 0 :type integer)
(index nil)
(min-pred-index 1000000)
(defstruct my-slot
......@@ -42,6 +48,10 @@
(defun find-my-class (class-name)
(gethash class-name *my-classes*))
;;; This macro will assume that all the superclasses have already
;;; been defined. Tests will be written with defclass itself
;;; to test forward referenced superclasses
(defmacro defclass-with-tests
(&whole args
class-name superclasses slot-specifiers
......@@ -224,14 +234,72 @@
(defun compute-class-precedence-list (class-name)
"Compute the class precdence list for classes defined using
(let ((classes nil)
(classes-to-consider class-name))
(let ((class-names nil)
(class-names-to-consider (list class-name))
;; Find all classes
\ No newline at end of file
while class-names-to-consider
do (let ((name (pop class-names-to-consider)))
(unless (member name class-names)
(push name class-names)
(let ((my-class (find-my-class name)))
(assert my-class)
(setq class-names-to-consider
(append (my-class-direct-superclass-names my-class)
(setq class-names (reverse class-names))
(assert (eq class-name (first class-names)))
;; class-names now contains class-name (which occurs first) and
;; the names of all its superclasses except T
(setq classes (mapcar #'find-my-class class-names))
;; Walk the classes and set the predecessor links in the
;; class precedence DAG
(loop for c in classes
for dsns = (my-class-direct-superclass-names c)
do (let ((pred c))
(loop for superclass-name in dsns
for superclass = (find-my-class superclass-name)
do (push pred (my-class-preds superclass))
do (pushnew superclass (my-class-succs pred))
do (incf (my-class-count superclass))
do (setq pred superclass))))
;; The list candidates will contain all the classes
;; for which the count is zero. These are the candidates
;; for selection as the next class in the class precedence list
(let ((candidates (loop for c in classes
when (zerop (my-class-count c))
collect c))
(n 0)
(result nil))
(assert (equal candidates (list (first classes))))
while candidates
do (let* ((next (first candidates))
(min-pred-index (my-class-min-pred-index next)))
for c in (rest candidates)
for c-min-pred-index = (my-class-min-pred-index c)
((< c-min-pred-index min-pred-index)
(setq next c
min-pred-index c-min-pred-index))
(t (assert (not (= c-min-pred-index min-pred-index))))))
(setq candidates (remove next candidates))
(setf (my-class-index next) (incf n))
(push next result)
for succ in (my-class-succs next)
do (decf (my-class-count succ))
do (setf (my-class-min-pred-index succ)
(min (my-class-min-pred-index succ)
do (when (zerop (my-class-count succ))
(push succ candidates)))))
(assert (eql (length result) (length classes)))
(setq result (reverse result))
(mapcar #'my-class-name result))))
......@@ -72,6 +72,8 @@
(defclass-with-tests defclass-1 nil nil)
(defclass-with-tests defclass-2 nil (slot1 slot2 slot3))
(defclass-with-tests defclass-3 (defclass-1) nil)
(defclass-with-tests defclass-4 (defclass-1 defclass-2) (slot1 slot4))
;;; At end, generate slot tests
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