Commit 10ba407e authored by sds's avatar sds

use `collect' instead of `always' to display problematic objects in the error

parent 3d8aea7c
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -9,18 +9,19 @@
(deftest name-char.1
(deftest name-char.2
(loop for s in '("RubOut" "PAGe" "BacKspace" "RetUrn" "Tab" "LineFeed"
"SpaCE" "NewLine")
(let ((c1 (name-char (string-upcase s)))
(c2 (name-char (string-downcase s)))
(c3 (name-char (string-capitalize s)))
(c4 (name-char s)))
(and (eqlt c1 c2) (eqlt c2 c3) (eqlt c3 c4))))
(and (eqlt c1 c2) (eqlt c2 c3) (eqlt c3 c4)))
collect s)
(deftest name-char.order.1
(let ((i 0))
......@@ -140,7 +140,9 @@
(deftest string-is-not-vector-of-character.1
:notes (:nil-vectors-are-strings)
(subtypep* 'string '(vector character))
(or (subtypep* 'string '(vector character))
(subtypep* 'string '(vector base-char))
(subtypep* 'string '(vector extended-char)))
nil t)
(deftest vector-of-character-is-string.2
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