Commit 16a5aa75 authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański

restruct: move format tests to separate directory

Signed-off-by: Daniel Kochmański's avatarDaniel Kochmański <>
parent 938dcb58
;-*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;;; Author: Paul Dietz
;;;; Created: Mon Feb 23 05:08:17 2004
;;;; Contains: Tests of FORMAT
(in-package :cl-test)
(defun def-format-test (name args result)
`(deftest ,name
(with-output-to-string (s) (format s ,@args)))
......@@ -8,48 +8,48 @@
;;; Format tests
;;; 22.3.1
(load "format-c.lsp")
(load "formatter-c.lsp")
(load "format-percent.lsp")
(load "format-ampersand.lsp")
(load "format-page.lsp")
(load "format-tilde.lsp")
(load "format/format-c.lsp")
(load "format/formatter-c.lsp")
(load "format/format-percent.lsp")
(load "format/format-ampersand.lsp")
(load "format/format-page.lsp")
(load "format/format-tilde.lsp")
;;; 22.3.2
(load "format-r.lsp")
(load "format-d.lsp")
(load "format-b.lsp")
(load "format-o.lsp")
(load "format-x.lsp")
(load "format/format-r.lsp")
(load "format/format-d.lsp")
(load "format/format-b.lsp")
(load "format/format-o.lsp")
(load "format/format-x.lsp")
;;; 22.3.3
(load "format-f.lsp")
(load "format/format-f.lsp")
;;; 22.3.4
(load "format-a.lsp")
(load "format-s.lsp")
(load "format/format-a.lsp")
(load "format/format-s.lsp")
;;; 22.3.5
(load "format-underscore.lsp")
(load "format-logical-block.lsp")
(load "format-i.lsp")
(load "format-slash.lsp")
(load "format/format-underscore.lsp")
(load "format/format-logical-block.lsp")
(load "format/format-i.lsp")
(load "format/format-slash.lsp")
;;; 22.3.6
(load "format-t.lsp")
(load "format-justify.lsp")
(load "format/format-t.lsp")
(load "format/format-justify.lsp")
;;; 22.3.7
(load "format-goto.lsp")
(load "format-conditional.lsp")
(load "format-brace.lsp")
(load "format-question.lsp")
(load "format/format-goto.lsp")
(load "format/format-conditional.lsp")
(load "format/format-brace.lsp")
(load "format/format-question.lsp")
;;; 22.3.8
(load "format-paren.lsp")
(load "format-p.lsp")
(load "format/format-paren.lsp")
(load "format/format-p.lsp")
;;; 22.3.9
(load "format-circumflex.lsp")
(load "format-newline.lsp")
(load "format/format-circumflex.lsp")
(load "format/format-newline.lsp")
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