Commit 17fc7b85 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Non-ansi tests for DEFCONSTANT through PROGV

parent 67df78f9
......@@ -32,4 +32,95 @@
(def-all-error-test function-lambda-expression.1
'functionp '(function-lambda-expression x))
(def-error-test defconstant.1 (defconstant))
(def-error-test defconstant.2 (defconstant . foo))
(def-error-test defconstant.3 (defconstant #.(gensym)))
(def-error-test defconstant.4 (defconstant #.(gensym) . foo))
(def-error-test defconstant.5 (defconstant #.(gensym) nil . foo))
(def-error-test defconstant.6 (defconstant #.(gensym) nil "foo" . bar))
(def-all-error-test defconstant.7 'symbolp
#'(lambda (x) `(defconstant ,x nil)))
(def-all-error-test defconstant.8 'stringp
#'(lambda (x) `(defconstant ,(gensym) nil ,x)))
(def-error-test defparameter.1 (defparameter))
(def-error-test defparameter.2 (defparameter . foo))
(def-error-test defparameter.3 (defparameter #.(gensym)))
(def-error-test defparameter.4 (defparameter #.(gensym) . foo))
(def-error-test defparameter.5 (defparameter #.(gensym) nil . foo))
(def-error-test defparameter.6 (defparameter #.(gensym) nil "foo" . bar))
(def-all-error-test defparameter.7 'symbolp
#'(lambda (x) `(defparameter ,x nil)))
(def-all-error-test defparameter.8 'stringp
#'(lambda (x) `(defparameter ,(gensym) nil ,x)))
(def-error-test defvar.1 (defvar))
(def-error-test defvar.2 (defvar . foo))
(def-error-test defvar.4 (defvar #.(gensym) . foo))
(def-error-test defvar.5 (defvar #.(gensym) nil . foo))
(def-error-test defvar.6 (defvar #.(gensym) nil "foo" . bar))
(def-all-error-test defvar.7 'symbolp
#'(lambda (x) `(defvar ,x nil)))
(def-all-error-test defvar.8 'stringp
#'(lambda (x) `(defvar ,(gensym) nil ,x)))
(def-error-test destructuring-bind.1 (destructuring-bind))
(def-error-test destructuring-bind.2 (destructuring-bind x))
(def-all-error-test destructuring-bind.3
(typef '(or symbol cons))
#'(lambda (x) `(destructuring-bind ,x nil)))
;;; LET
(def-error-test let.1 (let))
(def-error-test let.2 (let . x))
(def-all-error-test let.3 'listp #'(lambda (x) `(let ,x nil)))
(def-error-test let.4 (let () . x))
(def-error-test let.5 (let (x . 1) nil))
(def-error-test let.6 (let ((x) . y) nil))
(def-error-test let.7 (let ((x 1 . 2)) nil))
(def-error-test let.8 (let ((x 1 2)) nil))
(def-error-test let.9 (let ((x 1) (x 2)) x))
(def-error-test let.10 (let ((t 1)) t))
(def-all-error-test let.11 (typef '(or cons symbol))
#'(lambda (x) `(let (,x) nil)))
(def-all-error-test let.12 'symbolp
#'(lambda (x) `(let ((,x)) nil)))
;;; LET*
(def-error-test let*.1 (let*))
(def-error-test let*.2 (let* . x))
(def-all-error-test let*.3 'listp #'(lambda (x) `(let* ,x nil)))
(def-error-test let*.4 (let* () . x))
(def-error-test let*.5 (let* (x . 1) nil))
(def-error-test let*.6 (let* ((x) . y) nil))
(def-error-test let*.7 (let* ((x 1 . 2)) nil))
(def-error-test let*.8 (let* ((x 1 2)) nil))
(def-error-test let*.10 (let* ((t 1)) t))
(def-all-error-test let*.11 (typef '(or cons symbol))
#'(lambda (x) `(let* (,x) nil)))
(def-all-error-test let*.12 'symbolp
#'(lambda (x) `(let* ((,x)) nil)))
(def-error-test progv.1 (progv))
(def-error-test progv.2 (progv '(a)))
(def-all-error-test progv.3 'listp '(progv x nil nil))
(def-all-error-test progv.4 'listp '(progv '(a) x nil))
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